Our judges include creative professionals from a variety of sectors, former IWS players and senior figures in media and entertainment

the social vote

We pride ourselves on working with a carefully balanced group of judges familiar with IWS as well as seeking new and diverse opinion from guest judges.

During each tournament we field 3 x permanent judges and 1 x guest judge (different each day). This constant interchange of judging opinion coupled with the ongoing social vote helps ensure a balanced 'wash' of opinion.

The social voting mechanic is particularly important during a tournament and works as follows:

@illustratedworldseries posts head-2-head battle announcements in IG 'Stories' at the beginning of every battle. These posts feature a link to the Live Stream and 'Social Poll' giving viewers an opportunity to vote for their favorite. The winner of the social vote is allocated 2 x points, the loser 0. The stories last 75 minutes (60 minute battle duration and 15 minute post-battle 'hang-time') after which the poll is closed.

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