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Faye Cooper

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Faye Cooper is a street art and graffiti freelance photographer from London. Faye’s love for urban art started from noticing street art emerging in London back in 2005. Fast forward to 2015 and Street Art Atlas was born out of a passion and appreciation for this important medium of art and expression. Faye works with many established street artists, documenting their murals, exhibitions and studio time with a journalistic style of photography. Documenting the creative process provides an insight and understanding into each artist’s different techniques, skill, dedication and creativity that it takes to achieve such works of art, encapsulating the art form for years to come. Faye has worked with many urban art projects such as Rochdale Uprising, Upfest, Hit the North, Step in the Arena, and Penge Street Art. Her work features in numerous street art publications as well as featuring on artist and gallery websites / Instagram.

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