illustrated world series

Live Tournaments! Artists battle to become world no. 1


dec 15 - 17

From: 09:30 PST / 12:30 EDT / 17:30 BST
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A series of international tournaments propelling talented illustrators onto the world stage. Artists battle head-to-head in 60-minute bouts to create an illustration inspired by a recent news headline.

See below overview from our most recent Major-League tournament:

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Est. 2017 Illustrated World Series (IWS) is the premier Art-Sports (aSports) event IP and global leader in competitive creativity. An outlier, IWS is the world’s most unique Art-Sports ecosystem, high growth spectator sport and media platform. Like other mainstream sports expect: Fight-Night hype, leaderboards, trophies, press, pundits, magazine shows and big attendance.

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IWS ‘Game Day’ illustrations are unique and highly collectible.
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Culturally significant, highly relevant and editorially enshrined.
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Digital assets created by the biggest names in live illustration.
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