IWS offcial rankings - Classic

yeartournamenttitle holderstyleflagprize pool
2020UK Championships
Alex Solis

How rankings are calculated

Competitors are awarded points during their participation at IWS tournaments. The rankings table below reflects cumulative performance across all tournaments during a season.

Season: At present the rankings table reflects competitors' cumulative performance across 3 x tournaments: UK Illustration Championships 2017, 2019, 2020, it will also account for 2021 performances. In 2022 the table will be refreshed - a season will last 12 months (1st Jan - 31st Dec).

N.B. When competitors have identical points (PTS) the 'Exit' value will determine hierarchy and position. The 'Exit' value reflects a competitor's most recently awarded scorecard (i.e when leaving/exiting a tournament). If 'Exit' scorecards are tied the social score (S) determines table position.

1Uncle EwanUncle EwanGrime32974477.8%8
2Lawrence H BurnsLawrence H BurnsLowbrow35764285.7%7
3-Alex SolisAlex SolisCartoon375544100%6
4Si MitchellSi MitchellPunk394444100%5
6Lazy ObitLazy ObitSatire36644366.7%4
7Kid CrayonKid CrayonCartoon32643966.7%4
8-Nic MacNic MacBold29643666.7%4
10Russell TaysomRussell TaysomGrime34534060%3
11BoyishmindBoyishmindCreepy305337 s60%3
12SELD-ONESELD-ONEGraffiti275337 s60%3
13King TrouKing TrouGraphic354337 s75%3
14-IMRIEIMRIECartoon374336 s75%3
15Nicolas RossiusNicolas RossiusHorror365336 s60%3
16Tony RiffTony RiffCartoon36422650%2
17LamolishaLamolishaSurf283237 s66.7%2
18Ginger DanGinger DanFabulous304237 s50%2
19Mattias AdolfssonMattias AdolfssonNordic52214550%1
23TIZERTIZERGraffiti432138 s50%1
24Tom BlackfordTom BlackfordNSFW393138 s33.3%1
25Pencil BanditPencil BanditLowbrow303138 s33.3%1
26-Mr GaukyMr GaukyCartoon38213750%1
27The Real DillThe Real DillGraffiti313135 s33.3%1
28-Cosmic HavikCosmic HavikCartoon492135 s50%1
29ThatBlokeWilsonThatBlokeWilsonUrban383135 s33.3%1
30Glenn DebrieGlenn DebrieDoodle45213250%1
31Ali HamishAli HamishSatire3410450%0